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Rick del Castillo

Ever since I can remember, music has filled my heart and soul. From my humble beginnings of banging on trash cans at the age of six to touring across the country all through my twenties, music was my one constant companion. I’ve delved in many genresĀ but playing spanish influenced latin music on a nylon guitar with my brother and four other dear friends seems to fuel my muse to infinite measures. All I’ve learned through my 32 years of playing, touring, producing and engineering has led me to this point.


  • Takamine Classical Nylon customized by Peter Mark
  • Yamaha Classical Guitar customized by Peter Mark
  • Genz Benz Compak 300 Shen Acoustic Amplifier
  • RMC Poly Drive IV Pickup System
  • Boss GT-10 Effects Pedalboard
  • Line6 G50 Relay Wireless Guitar System
  • InTuneGP “Rick del Castillo Signature” Tortex Picks (black/white)
  • D’Addario Extra Hard Tension Nylon Strings