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Del Castillo is now #1 in Local, National, and Global Ranking of the Latin Genre on ReverbNation!



Be on the lookout for Mark & Rick del Castillo in episodes of Robert Rodriguez’s new “From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series” on the El Rey Network!

Check out Mark & Rick jam “Heartache & Pain” with Ray at his CD Release Party at the State Theater February 27th in Austin, Texas!!

Ray Benson’s new Solo CD titled “A Little Piece” is now available thru iTunes for download!  The CD features a track that showcases Mark & Rick Del Castillo’s guitar playing!!  Click the link above to go to iTunes and download it!  Here’s what Ray said about working with Mark & Rick to American Songwriter Magazine:

American Songwriter: “Who are those guys on “Heartache and Pain?”  I never heard guitar (like that) – it’s not quite flamenco.”

Ray Benson: “Oh yeah, they’re called the Del Castillo Brothers. It’s flamenco rock. It’s just these two guys, they’re in town. I produced a record of them and Willie Nelson doing “I Never Cared For You.”  I had written a song that was very angry, flamenco, and I just started playing it. I play the intro lick you know and I could’ve played, but I went, no man, they’re good friends of mine and this is just right up their alley. Yeah, Mark and Rick, the Del Castillo Brothers, they have a band called Del Castillo and that’s what they do.”

Or if you prefer to order a physical CD, go to

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Del Castillo was featured Tuesday, January 14th, in a party scene for the Brand New ABC TV Show, Killer Women!  In the scene, we performed

Las Seis Cuerdas de Tony Montuno“!

Many of you were unable to watch it so HERE IT IS!!!

Thank you for all the love and support!


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Pick up a copy of this month’s Guitar Player Magazine for an article on the Ellnora Guitar Festival that Del Castillo played on September 6th!

Also, CLICK HERE to go to a link on Guitar Player’s website featuring Del Castillo!

Here’s what Associate Editor Matt Blackett had to say in his September 16th online blog about Del Castillo:

“I wasn’t aware of these guys prior to Ellnora, but a shuttle ride to the venue where we discovered our mutual love of Jason Becker forged an instant bond. Watching brothers Rick and Mark del Castillo take the stage and throw down dazzling nylon-string runs, in unison and in harmony, made me a big fan. Think of them as Los Hermanos Allmans, playing infectious Latin rhythms with mind-boggling solos. They whipped the crowd into a frenzy.

Mark del Castillo playing so fast it made him blurry.”

Both Mark and Rick Del Castillo will be playing guitar for Robert Rodriguez’s new movie, “Machete Kills” which is in theaters now!  Mark plays all the guitar on the opening credits song while Rick adds the music for the “Space Trailer” scene!  Check it out!

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Fall special!  Buy $30 worth of merchandise and receive a free Del Castillo CREW Tee (please specify M or L).

*through October 31, 2013 or while supplies last




Del Castillo sent “Las Seis Cuerdas de Tony Montuno” off to be tested for radio and the results are very promising!  Anything over 7 out of 10 stars is considered “Radio Ready”  and reviewers gave the song a 7.6/10 rating!

Here are just a couple of things fans are saying about the song:

“The opening had instruments that were very upbeat and fun. Made me want to start dancing from the start. Has a wonderful rhythm to it that would make anyone want to dance around. The instruments are smooth and consistent with their harmonies. Very talented artists playing this piece. Could see this being used for dancing, commercials, or anything that would need a highly upbeat, fun song to keep people entertained. From start to finish you want to keep moving. Its very fun and fresh.”

“The mood of this song is very exciting and makes me want to dance. I love the latin taste to this song. I love latin music a lot and I really hope to hear this song around! Definitely would consider to buy this song! It just sounds really cool! I give this a big 10 ! Instrumental balance sounds great and this artist has huge talent!”

“This song has a good energetic beat that is perfect to dance to. There is also a romantic quality to the melody. It is very sensual and would be perfect to dance a flamenco or tango to. The guitarist is very skilled and the production sounds very professional. The sound quality is good. The song is a good length. I could see this being played on World Beat stations with a lot of success.”

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