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Mike Zeoli



As a child, Mike was fascinated by the entrancing power of rhythm. He was known to entertain his neighborhood friends with daily performances full of dancing and drumming. Every night before falling asleep, he would lie in his bed and dream of playing thunderous, polyrhythmic beats that traveled on magic sound waves into outer space and into heaven.

“The beats and rhythms I play are like my prayers and gifts to the multi (uni)verse.”

Mike has a diverse background in music and rhythm. He has performed with Ahmad Aladeen, Bobby Shoe, Clark Terry and Louis Bellson. He studied music at S.M.S.U. in Springfield, Missouri and also studied privately with John Cushon (Oleta Adams) and Gary Chaffee (independent).


  • DW drums
  • Zildjian cymbals
  • Pro-Mark sticks
  • LP bells y chimes
  • Fat Congas
  • Swan Percussion
  • Evans drumheads
  • Gibralter hardware